Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Opening at Cons'Arc (Chiasso - CH)

Some pictures from the opening held at Galleria Cons'Arc in Chiasso (CH). 

I quite like how the result came out, I think the measures and frames both match quite well with the images and the final product is really what I had in mind, if it's good or not could be a personal opinion, but for sure this is what I had in mind. The frames are very simple but nicely done, durmast wood. To me this is some kind of a general rule, they have to be simple, they need to have a supportive role and that's why a measure of 4x2.5 cm. (depth and wide) is enough with height and width of 100x126 cm.

More would be just too much. There is also a 4 cm white border, this having two reasons: it is visually nice, and it is practically useful because I really don't like having the shadows going directly on the images. So this is the result as you can see from some pictures I took the day before the opening and some others took by my dear friend Julie Galssberg on October the 7th (2017).

This exhibition is part of the Decima Biennale dell'Immagine titled Border Lines / Città Divise - Città Plurali, a biennal festival run in Switzerland and based mainly in Chiasso with many exhibitions and events all over the Ticino Canton counting Lugano and Locarno. 

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