Thursday, January 21, 2010

it was the press baby

Few days ago I started noticing a huge amount of errors (grammar but not only) reading the italian newspapers on the internet. I don't know if it has been in this way since a while, but now it's a mess.
I don't know what to think, I am journalist too, I usually check my stuff, at least using the Word automatic function.
It's kinda of respectful for the readers, and for the profession.

Here the situation is a bit different: they don't check….they are too busy I guess, and sometimes they don't even write personally. That's why the most of the articles are not even signed, which is a contradiction in the journalism field. You have to know who wrote something.

I have never found a piece on the NYtimes without a signature, as well as for the pictures, they alway have the credits. And it's not because it's cool.

Here is a small example of what they do daily, it's small 'coze it's depressing.

(please send journalists to italy)

(please send also editors and photoeditors)

(send newspapers directly, it's easier)

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